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Hosted by Miss Megan, Ed.D. & Luke McKnight

Saturday, September 4th, 2021


During the SAMJAM Bluegrass Festival

Registration: 9:00 – 9:45 AM

(Student may pre-register or sign up the day of for your convenience.)

Camp: 10:00 AM

We kindly dismiss parents/ guardians at this time to allow instructors to work with students for best quality instruction and less distraction.



Welcome to our 2021 Summer Youth Bluegrass Music Camp!

This particular camp is hosted by Miss Megan, Ed. D & Luke McKnight, some of our Glenville State College Bluegrass Alumni/Staff, and quality and safe instructors within the music industry. Our “Team” of instructors are outstanding are looking forward to continuing to work with all students and collaborating to find more avenues to volunteer and/or help you become more interested and excited about our music and heritage.

The camp is FREE to students ages 5-16 years old thanks to the SAMJAM Bluegrass Festival!

Our youth bluegrass day camps are intended to enrich the lives of students who have a passion for music, dance, and to also introduce our Appalachian culture and heritage through a variety of teaching methods. Our program strives to preserve traditional and bluegrass music while recognizing the influences and ways of life during their experience. If you know of a student that has a strong desire to learn the basic foundations of their string instrument of choice, we are here to help! We also enjoy sharing the history of music, vocals and harmonies; methods for instrument care; the importance of understanding microphones and stage presence, jamming etiquette, and other “behind the scenes” skills for professional musicians.

What Students Can Expect:

Camp is generally organized into small groups based on the ability and interest of the players. Depending on the camp location and venue, we have organized brand new/beginner groups, intermediate groups, and advanced groups for guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, upright bass, and vocals/harmonies

The camp group will have an opportunity to learn basic fundamentals, chords, scales, traditional and bluegrass songs, try new instruments, and may be offered opportunities to be showcased in future events associated with festival. Some students may be placed with one-on-one instructors and/or in advance groups if they come to camp with a higher level of skillset. This will all depend on the final headcount at camp.

Our instructors are known to be good at their trade as well as good with students of all ages.

Common Q & A:

Can I pre-register?


Can I register the morning of?


Am I expected to have my own instrument and be responsible for it during camp?


Will lunch and snack be provided?

oYes! Most likely hotdogs, chips, granola bars, and other popular kid snacks will be providing. * It is critical that you indicate any food allergies as our menu is constantly changing due to donations.

Do your instructors provide lessons outside of camp to students?

oYes! Contact Miss Megan or Luke McKnight for arrangements.

May the parent/guardian leave during 9-9:45 AM?

oYes, but only if ALL required documents and emergency contact information is completed at the registration table.

Am I guaranteed a perfect fit shirt size?

oNo, but we will try our very best!

When should I pick up my child from camp?

Depending on age, this can be a very long day. Therefore, your student can be signed out at your convenience. However, camp is officially over at 5:00 PM.

Miss Megan and Luke McKnight strive to preserve, promote, and produce America’s Purest form and Country Music.

Our instructors care about all students.

Ability Levels:

When filling in your ability level on the registration form, please use the following guidelines:

Brand New- these students know nothing about their instrument or very little. They may not know how to form chords or switch cords well. They may have started to learn a little bit of a break but play it very slowly and with little confidence. These are students who are just getting started.

Beginning- these students may know a few chords, however, may have trouble changing in time. These students may know how to pick out a simple lead on an instrument but may not be quite it time or be able to play up to tempo. Fiddle players in this category may know simple basic tunes but know little about a chop or know little about bluegrass tunes.

Intermediate- these students must know how to play the basic chords and change in time. They should be able to have a basic knowledge of breaks and be able to play a simple break up to tempo. Fiddle players in this group should have knowledge of a few bluegrass songs and understand how to play backup to other instruments.

Advanced- these students must know how to play chords and change in time. They should also be able to pick out a break to a few songs that is more than just the melody line. It will be thought in advance that these children will be able to pick up on breaks quickly.

We will base our groups on what you mark on your form, but we reserve the right to move a student to another group after the instructor has worked with the student if we feel it will be in the student’s best interest. We want children to be challenged to learn new things but not be frustrated during the camp.

Student Expectations:

1.All students will be expected to attend all instructional sessions- small group and whole group. Students are not required to participate in the community jam after camp, but highly encouraged!

2.Students will be expected to attend all other group sessions held during the camp from beginning to end. If students do not want to participate in the whole group sessions including the limited time we schedule for activity time, they should not choose to join the camp.

3.Students will be expected to listen to instructors and make their best attempt to play as the instructor suggests.

4.Give it your best and have fun!

Parent Expectations:

1.Parents are welcome to stop by during our lunch break, but they may not interfere with instruction. Students need to be able to focus on instruction. Pickup will be at 5:00 PM and a mandatory sign-out sheet is expected before departing.

2.Drop students off and be sure all paperwork and payments are taken care of before leaving. Provide a phone number(s) on the form and feel free to update, if necessary, the morning of.

3.Support the instructors and enjoy the camp.

4.Sing-in/Sign out sheet

Students are encouraged to bring their own instrument. Instruments should be in good working condition and tunable/playable. If your child does not have an instrument, you may contact Miss Megan to check on rental or “borrowing” availability.

Student should bring the following items to camp:

1.Instrument or notification that they need one

2.Labeled Water Bottle

3.Packed lunch if allergies are indicated or prior registration form

4.Face Mask

Items You May Want to Bring:

1.Extra strings are encouraged


3.Instrument Strap

4.Rosin for fiddles

5.Recording device to record breaks to practice and learn.


If you know of a student interested in an academic future from Glenville State College please inform Miss Megan or any of our Staff members. Campers seeking this information will have an opportunity to arrange a guided tour, meet our Administrators, Faculty, and Staff, and more!

Cost: FREE

Thanks to continuing our relationship with The SamJam crew, the 2021 Summer Camp cost is totally FREE. Students registered ahead of time are more likely to be guaranteed an official camp shirt size they desire. Parents/guardians

Camp includes:

•Official Camp Shirt


•Lunch and Snack-please pack additional food if necessary.

•Quality Instruction

•Fun activities

Tentative Schedule

9:00 -10:00 AM – Check-in, Registration, Socialization

All students are expected to be dropped off with an adult that reflects the registration packet/ permission. At this time, Miss Megan & Luke McKnight along with instructors will distribute the official camp T-shirt & require all students to wear for the sake of representing our group and maintaining safety.

10:00 a.m. – Let’s get started! Families will officially depart, and camp will move to the auditorium.

Go over final camp rules/expectations/schedule/etc. with students. Introduce mentors/instructors and inform students who they will initially be working with for Session #1.

oInstructors may play a few tunes for the campers!

10:30 - 11:00 AM – Session 1, Instrument Zoo & Learning/ Caring for String Instruments: (Whole Group)

Students will work in small groups to learn a little bit about each instrument. Campers will have an opportunity to hear, touch, feel, and discuss a variety of bluegrass string instruments with the opportunity to ask questions with instructors and peers.

11:00-11:45 AM – Session 2, Applied Lesson Workshop:

Students will be divided individually or by small groups during this time, for applied lessons. At this time, Miss Megan will walk around and monitor comfort, engagement, and appropriate placement. It is possible that student(s) may be moved to a new instructor at this time if necessary.

12:00- 12:30 PM – Lunch time!

(Parents & Guardians are welcome to do a quick visit during this time.)

See backside to be continued:

12:30- 1:00 PM – Activity of Choice (Craft, Socializing, Jamming, Additional Instruction on Instrument, Song Writing, TBA)

1:00- 2:30 PM – Session 3, Special guest or (Activity TBA)

2:30 – 3:15 PM – Session 4, Applied Lesson Workshop

3:15 – 3:45 PM – Session 4, Bluegrass History Lesson and/or trip to main stage to watch professionals: (Whole Group)

Students will report back to small group areas for additional instrument instruction.

3:45- 4:00 PM- Short Break, Q & As for Instructors

4:00- 4:30 PM – Session 5, Applied Lesson Workshop

Students will report back to small group areas for last instrumental instruction and possible whole group session to share what we have learned!

4:30- 5:00 PM – Camp Certificates dispersed, group photo, and open stage opportunity

5:00 PM – Camp is officially over! Instructors will not release students without an adult’s signature.

THANK YOU for participating and supporting our youth campers!

We look forward to developing professional and musical relationships and watching the students grow!


Miss Megan & Luke McKnight and our Team

Required Document # 1:

Student name as you wish it to appear on name tag and certificate:

(Please print clearly):


Student Age at time of camp: ________

Gender: Male ☐ Female ☐

Parent/ Guardians Name(s):



Contact Information/ Address:



Parent/ Guardian Home Phone Number ( ) ______-_______ Cell: ( ) ______- _______

Parent/ Guardian E-Mail: (Please print clearly):


Please circle one: Student will be attending camp registration with:

Parent or Non-Parent/Guardian

If it will be another person, please tell us who. Please be as transparent as possible on who will be dropping and picking the child up from camp. To avoid any confusion,

pay close attention to your contact information in the event of an emergency.

All students are expected to be equipped to bring their own instrument.

* If this is an issue, please contact Miss Megan ASAP*

A limited selection of instruments may be available if arranged

ahead of time but not guaranteed.

If you suspect that your student will need to borrow an instrument, please indicate here:



Being that this is particular camp is limited to only one full day:

What instrument will the student be learning during our camp?

(Circle ONLY One)

Guitar Fiddle Mandolin Banjo BassVocals

What level do you consider yourself or the student on this instrument?

(Circle ONLY one)

*Our staff encourages families to take this very lightly, as the mission is to build confidence, creativity, and to have fun! In no way do we intend to “label” students in a competitive way. Rather, this helps us pre-determine the best fit for our students early-on. *

Beginning BeginnerBeginnerIntermediateAdvanced

How long has the student been playing the instrument of choice?


Please identify any medical or food allergies that our staff should be aware of here:



Preferred Shirt Size: ________

* Please specify youth/adult and we will try our best to accommodate.

Required Document # 2

Youth Day Camp


(You may list all children in one family on one form.)

I hereby give permission for images of my child (children), captured during the GSC Youth Bluegrass Camp instruction or performance through video, photo and digital camera, to be used solely for the purposes of GSC Bluegrass Degree Program or Camp Sponsor’s promotional material, written publications, and web pages and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.

It is preferred this form be mailed in with registration. In the event a participant in a GSC Summer Bluegrass Music Camp is dropped off by someone other than the parent or official guardian, it is expected that the person signing this form has spoken with the adult who has agreed to the use of photos or video.

Name of Participant(s) (please print):




Name of Parent/Guardian (please print):




Parent/Guardian’s Signature:


Date: _______

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